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Traditionally in Costa Rica, when labor law is being considered by companies, they are running against the clock since problems or even litigation are usually imminent, as most complications have already been detected or even lawsuits are already being faced.

Although this may not be your particular case, in general terms, legal experts in the labor field are seldom consulted in a preventive manner, which would allow for most problems and legal actions to be avoided before they appear, by organizing and structuring, in a comprehensive manner, all labor related issues to avoid future complications.  The advantages of adopting this approach are substantial and tangible, and permit the avoidance of future high costs and major risks.

This approach can also be drastically improved by engaging legal counsel, which does not only have extensive labor law experience, but also focuses on the corporate side of employment.  In many cases, companies tend to trust their employment issues to their standard attorneys or firms thus waiving the possibility of getting the best legal advice for a very specific and differentiated part of the law. Very often, seeking and retaining specialized labor corporate counsel will allow you to evaluate and approach your employment situation as a whole, versus overlooking particular areas or loosing perspective.

Being involved in corporate labor law for many years and having experienced the above mentioned issues with many of our clients, Lang & Asociados created our Corporate Labor Unit, not only to help companies to most efficiently apply labor law in a preventive and more proactive way but also to provide ongoing employment labor legal services under our well known standards of the highest quality, promptness and skill.  This Unit has also been very active in the creation and establishment of specific and innovative employment policies in view of the complex economic situation of the current times.

We believe we can offer your company a new approach to labor law and employment in Costa Rica, which will allow you to be more productive, more cost efficient and to fully concentrate on your business.

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